3 Ways to Get a Man Hooked


Have you ever wondered why some women have such an easy time of getting lots of men to fall deeply for them while you are still trying to figure out how to get one man to notice you? Most of these women have no clue what they are doing right. However they have certain patterns built within them which cause this strong desire from men. Often times women on the outside assume that it all has to do with looks, but does it really!


The moment a man prefers one woman to the next people always reassess the chosen woman as more beautiful. Let’s take a look at a well-known story. Look at Angeline Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, when Brad first left Jennifer for Angelina. Can you really say that one woman is necessarily more beautiful than the other?


Sure there was lots of talk about which of the two women was the better choice but honestly how can anyone really know from so far away? If you had to analyze it all from a general observation there are some things that men are thirsty for. Those things are strong enough to make a man easily leave one woman and go to another easily. If you really want to know how to get a man hooked here are 3 things you should know.


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  1. People are drawn to each other to fill a void. Every single person man and woman has some area of their life where there is a gap, a need for something more. That void can be the need for money, the need for adventure, the need for children, the need for spiritual support, the need for someone to listen. Most men are driven by those needs. A man’s needs can consume his thoughts every moment of the day. When a man chooses a woman, he is not picking her mainly for her beauty. He is picking her because some part of that woman fills a deep need he has.

    When a man’s needs are not met he can feel seriously depressed. He can become severely preoccupied by ideas of filing that need. The majority of women don’t pay attention to those signals of anxiety that a man maybe going through regarding what he wants. In dating you also should get a clue as to what is driving that man.

    Some women have a knack for this by listening or even asking questions. Having a clue can help you fill that need. Even if you fill his need in the slightest or appear to be the one who can help him, he will latch on to you. His excitement for you will peak. You represent the solution to his suffering.


  2. People like to feel out of the ordinary. Did you know that most men live in a fantasy world? Men fantasy all the time. Partly because fantasy help keep a man linked with his goals and desires but to some extent fantasizing is a form of escaping. Men escape into their fantasy worlds to get over the harsh reality of life.


    So by nature men are attracted to women who bring them to levels of bliss which match their fantasy about life. Why do you think men often run away from women who quarrel so much? Discussion is good but be sure to balance it heavily with things which support his fantasy. Please make sure to understand, that a man’s fantasy is not always about sex.

    A woman who knows how to trigger a man’s fantasies knows how to get inside of his head. She knows how to recognize what he wants and she knows how to bring him to that level at any time. It’s something every woman should learn to do in order to get a man hook and focused on her with strong desire.


  3. Be alluring! Never forget your allure as a woman. There are many parts of a woman that can be very exciting when she knows how to activate those qualities all at once. A woman has her body, her eyes, her voice and most importantly her mind. When a woman can emphasis all those qualities all at once it creates a strong stimulus. Being alluring also fills a man’s fantasy. Too many woman think that putting on some make up and perfume is alluring, yet she forget what her feminine nature is all about.


Men are driven by certain psychological triggers. Your ability to get a man hooked and excited about you should never be based on your outer appearance alone. There are always combinations of things which trigger a strong effect from a man. Knowing what they are and how to combine them is key.


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