How to Become a More Confident Woman


Your confidence level plays a huge roll in your ability to attract more men or even the sort of man you want. Before you can even consider dating you have to assess your confidence level. How confident you are will always affect your ability to attract the right people. Not only that, but your confidence levels can be felt by those around you. Confidence is not something you can fake.

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You may put on a nice dress, get made up but if how you feel is less than perfect men will pick that up and respond to you accordingly. The vast majority of women struggle with low self-esteem. Women are bombarded with images of celebrities who seem to be perfect, and while women try to achieve these images for themselves the struggle has an adverse programing. The more a woman struggles to attain these outrageous standards of beauty the more unattractive she feels.

This isn’t to say that you should ever stop working on yourself. However it is the struggle to get to an ideal which has a damaging effect. As a woman struggles to attain an ideal standard of beauty she unconsciously beats up on herself, telling herself that she is not good enough.

One severely unfortunate cause of low self-esteem is when a woman compares herself with another woman. It’s a mind trick. The other woman may not even be more beautiful at all. However what she may have is an unbreakable confidence in herself which emits more radiance so she appears more beautiful. Luckily confidence is something any woman can work on. And, as a matter of fact most women who achieve any level of beauty and confidence has to work on it.

Here are a Few Tips to Increase Your Confidence

  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. The more you compare yourself with someone else the more you take the shine away from yourself and send it unto the other person. There is a deeper concept to this if you want to know. What you are doing is sending your energy to someone else while taking it away from yourself.

    So, pretend as if no one else but you is around and that you are the hottest thing there is. Over time you will start to feel less threatened by what others are wearing and doing and your shine will get stronger.

  • Don’t give away your energy to others. By telling yourself that someone else is more beautiful you give them more power over you and in time they will appear to have more shine. With that said, don’t ever downgrade anyone either just put the shine back on your own unique qualities.
  • You have your own unique combination of beauty and by finding what it is, you can amplify it and make it stronger and more attractive. Have you ever seen someone who wasn’t quite so beautiful yet you could not put your finger on what made that person so amazing to look at? It’s obvious that person had magnetic confidence too boot, which makes every one look on and can’t stop looking. Magnetic attraction is something you build within yourself. You can start building it by getting rid of anyone around you who does not make you feel absolutely amazing about yourself.
  • Look for images of women who inspire you; mainly women who are similar in physical appearance as you but whom you find stunning. Using someone as a mentor will not only improve your confidence in yourself, you can learn from that other person as well. Take a look at how that person carries their beauty, how they display their unique features. There is a lot to learn from others by examining them.
  • Make a list of all the qualities and physical features you possess that are attractive or unique to you. Seeing it down on paper will imprint it in your mind. You can also return to that list for inspiration when you feel a bit down.
  • Definitely pamper yourself, but do so with joy and appreciation. Don’t do it to fix yourself or erase who you are. Instead amplify what you do already have by appreciating it and giving it loving energy.

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