5 Good Reasons Why He Stopped Calling You Back

Ladies if you are dating a man but confused, wondering what are the reasons why he stopped calling you, here are a few often over looked reasons. Often we hear things like, “he is just not into you,” which puts all the burden on the woman. It certainly makes the woman feel as if something […]

Seduction Secrets: 3 Attitudes Which Kill a Person’s Attraction For You

We all want to know how to attract more of the people that we want, however before you can understand what makes you a sexual magnet you need to know what you are doing wrong.  A lot of people are doing many things wrong in the dating and attraction arena. They create the same attitudes again […]

How to Be the One That Everyone Desires

There are  some people who simply have “IT.” You know that special quality that gets everyone thinking of them, desiring  them and wanting to fall deeply in love with them. The funny thing is, those people are not often what you would consider beautiful or handsome.  They are the ones with that odd shaped nose or the unusual something, […]

How to Attract Men With 3 Of The Best Seduction Techniques For Women

I have seen women who were desperate to attract men do all sorts of things with their looks.  They may join the gym, loose weight, change their make up.  They may even hire a stylist to help them enhance their style.  While all of these things are good because your outer appearance certainly gets you […]

33 Funny Dating Memes That Will Have You Rolling

4 Guaranteed Ways to Attract Men

You can attract men by understanding what is inherent or most natural about men.  As human beings we are all quite different from each other.  We have our own unique personalities. What we like or dislike may not be liked or disliked by another person. This is why many people object to the reasoning of […]

How to Attract Men: 3 Kinds of Women Men Are Not Attracted Too

If you are among the many women who want to know how to attract men then you may also want to know the three types of women men are not attracted to. Just as women have a set standard of qualities they gravitate towards men also have the qualities that they are not too excited about […]

3 Ways to Make Anyone Fall Deeply in Love With You

Have you ever had the desire to make someone you care about fall deeply in love with you? Maybe you are presently dating someone that you really like.  Maybe you’re already in a relationship and would like to bring those feelings back. Whether you are without a date or partner but would simply like to understand the process […]

3 Ways to Become More Seductive and Drive Any Man Wild

If you’d like to increase your chances of attracting more men you need to increase your sexual magnetic vibe.  You may be saying, “eh, I already do that! The question is how are you doing it?  Is it by dressing sexy or getting intimate as quickly as you can?  A strong sexual aura goes way […]

3 Secrets to Getting Someone to Fall Deeply in Love With You

Getting someone to fall in love with you can be the ultimate challenge, but it does not have to be.  Have you ever fallen in love with someone who did not feel the same way about you? That can be a hard and painful experience.  Even the memory of being rejected can still leave you […]